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Why Atheism is Dangerous

Why Atheism is Dangerous

Interview with Barak Lurie, author of "Atheism Kills" and "Atheism Destroys."

“What Barak Lurie offers is, in my opinion, more important than “proofs” of God’s existence. Instead, he proves something else – the consequences of atheism.” — Dennis Prager

“Barak Lurie is a terrific thinker.” — Ben Shapiro

"Atheism Destroys is the second installment of Barak Lurie's Atheism Kills series. Whereas Atheism Kills focused primarily on how a world without God has led to horrific mass killings and other brutalities, Atheism Destroys focuses on how godlessness destroys our most treasured institutions and values: free speech, family, relationships, and even courage. Lurie shows how godlessness has been the primary destroyer of many of our liberties. He also shows how godlessness is the root of and primary force enabling drug cartels, the mafia, sex-trafficking, and psychopaths.

With insight, stories, and humor, Lurie treats atheism as a destructive force in and of itself ―one which we dare not tread lightly and which we must resist like any other enemy at the gate. Godlessness weakens us both individually and as a society, enabling evil to penetrate more easily.

While many atheists proclaim atheism is merely a non-belief in God, Lurie shows that atheism is in fact an ideology which leads to disastrous consequences ― much like not believing in gravity, not enforcing laws, or not driving on the right side of the road.

Lurie demonstrates that we have no choice but to fight godlessness, and to recognize that without God, we lose all that we value in civilization. Indeed, without God, civilization as we know it will collapse.

From all this, Lurie delivers great news: We have the answer. With God in our lives, we can guard against and ultimately defeat virtually all of our modern-day social ills ― from mass shootings to sexual abuse to the breakdown of the family. He shows how easy it is to do this in our own individual lives, and as a society. Only with God can we shore up our house against all destroyers ― from outside and from within." -Amazon

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