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A Defence of Mere Christianity

A Defence of Mere Christianity

Interview with Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen

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Retired philosophy professor, Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen, presents important evidences and philosophical arguments related to the major truths of Christianity.

“This collection of newspaper columns by Hendrik van der Breggen is unlike most other books you will read. ... These columns include intriguing questions, interactive dialogues, and even humorous anecdotes as issue after issue is concisely dissected and explained. In the process, readers will encounter a fresh and well-reasoned defence of the central teachings Christians have always believed along with a number of the philosophical foundations upon which they rest.” -Paul Chamberlain, PhD, Professor of Ethics and Leadership, Director of Institute for Christian Apologetics, Trinity Western University

“Like [C. S.] Lewis, Hendrik has a gift for making philosophical arguments accessible, without sacrificing rigor. Those new to exploring the credentials of Christianity cannot do better than this book and those of us familiar with Christian apologetics will appreciate the wealth of suggestions provided for further study. This is a book that deserves a wide readership both within and outside Christian faith.” -Robert Larmer, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Department Chair, University of New Brunswick

“Dr. van der Breggen is the rare scholar who strives to express complex ideas simply, and to lead readers to reflect on often unintended, and always unhappy, but logically inevitable conclusions of popular positions in religious and moral debate today. This is an accessible, broad, and lively book. It deserves a readership as large as it is!” -Rev’d Tim Perry, PhD, Professor of Theology, Providence Theological Seminary

"With highly relevant, poignant stories, fastidious attention to detail, and copious (yet not overwhelming) references, including immeasurably helpful ‘for further study’ sections at the end of each chapter, van der Breggen effectively engages (with enviable wisdom and transparent conviction) the most important evidences and philosophical arguments related to the major truths of Christianity. APOLOGIA: The Columns provides expert guidance for both the uninitiated and seasoned individuals alike concerning critical thinking, logical principles of discourse, and so-called ‘mere Christianity.’ Would that every author provided as sure footing as Hendrik van der Breggen does in this text!” -Dustin Burlet, PhD, Instructor of Bible, Millar College of the Bible

“For anyone looking for a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read defence of the Christian faith, I highly recommend this book. Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen has helpfully compiled some of his best newspaper columns from over the years and he also added supporting references and explanatory notes. The end product is a book that is weighty in substance, sharp in argumentation, and winsome in tone. This book is a model of what Christian apologetics should look like.” -Michael Zwaagstra, MEd, MA, high school teacher, author, Steinbach city councillor

“This book is the distillation of decades of careful Christian thinking on a wide range of important topics, from skepticism to tolerance to ethics. Dr. van der Breggen models the passion for truth and posture of humble confidence he recommends to his readers. No question or line of argument is off-limits. Whatever their views, readers will find themselves challenged to think, and think again.” -Kevin N. Flatt, PhD, Professor of History, Associate Dean of Humanities, Redeemer University

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