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Atheist Call-in Show

          Christian Voices is a new local community apologetics publication based in Winnipeg. “Apologetics” comes from the Greek word “apologia,” which means “to give a defense” or “to give an account of” something. Christianity has a long history of being questioned, critiqued and criticized. In 1 Peter 3:15, the apostle Peter tells us how we must “always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that is within” us. The apostles did this wherever they went as they spread The Gospel. As Christians, we are called upon to do the same.

          Apologetics is about learning how to have conversations with people who are curious about the faith and who might ask some hard questions. It’s about dialogue and good communication. “Community apologetics,” then, is about us having that conversation with our broader community as a whole. Christian Voices is a chronicle of that conversation.

          Are you an atheist? Do you have questions about Christianity? Looking for an open, friendly and honest conversation about religion? Do you disagree about whether Christianity is true? All are welcome to call in. Below are some examples of shows we've done in the past.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the purpose of the atheist call-in show?

The purpose of the call-in show is to enter into dialogue with people who have questions or objections about our religion.

Who is the host of the podcast?

I am the editor of Christian Voices and host of the Christian Voices Podcast. My name is Drew Eldridge. I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I will be hosting the call-in shows. You can learn more about me and my testimony in a recent interview I did here with Faith Beyond Belief.

How do you record the podcasts?

We meet on Zoom at a scheduled time and I record the conversation.

Do you edit or alter the podcasts at all?

The conversations are always presented in their entirety and are never altered in any way.

Will you come on another show to interact? Or will you only do so on your podcast?

I've been on other shows and will always accept an invitation to have a conversation.

Would you host or moderate a debate?

I would be more than happy to.

Would you participate in a debate?

If someone has a proposition they will positively defend that is antithetical to one I would defend, and they are willing to engage civilly, I would be happy to debate.

What is your opinion of atheists? Do you hate atheists? Do you think they're stupid?

Of course not. Having once been an unbeliever myself, I like and get along with the vast majority of atheists I encounter. I don't hold to the view that atheists are unintelligent or unreasonable and I enjoy having conversations with people who disagree.


I don't want to call in, but I do want to talk. How else can I connect with you?


You can write a letter to the editor.I'll answer it in our publication. You can email You can also join The Winnipeg Christian Apologetics Club on Facebook. Atheists are welcome to ask questions or present counter arguments for us to defend. Though, we don't allow cursing, threats, personal insults or trolling. I'm also a certified life coach. I have clients who are atheists and seeking answers. I'm happy to help people along their philosophical journeys.

I'm not an atheist. I'm just not a theist. I'm an agnostic. Can I still call or write in?

Yes, non-theists are more than welcome!




Is there a transcript of Drew Eldridge's interactions with the President of the Humanists, Atheists, Agnostics of Manitoba, Pat Morrow? And what was that about?

That was a few years ago now. But it's true. In 2019, the president of a local atheist group began stating on public forums that, through the course of our interactions, he discovered I was a defender of slavery, forced marriages, child abuse and several other things. None of it was true, of course. However, because of who he was, I did spend an afternoon or so putting together something to set the record straight about what had been said. That's what the file was.

What was it about? Well, essentially this is what happened. Pat Morrow had joined the Winnipeg Christian Apologetics Club and began engaging me. It wasn't so bad in the beginning. But it started becoming clear that he had never really encountered a Christian who knew how to argue well and defend his views. To put it modestly, our interactions didn't seem to go the way he hoped or expected. And the harder he pressed, the worse it would end up going. And given that these were witnessed by quite a large number of people, including some of his own peers, I think he eventually became frustrated and embarrassed to the point where he he'd resort to just smearing me.

It was sad that he did so. But I'm glad I set the record straight with this transcript because he did stop as soon as it came out and people saw. In fact, he actually stopped trying to argue or engage altogether. So, did the others at his organization. Morale seemed to drop. I wasn't allowed to post it in their group, or even in at all. And efforts to have others share it there were carefully guarded. I'm not really sure what happened after that. We don't hear much from Pat Morrow or anyone from that organization anymore. Since that day, there has been no discernible counter-apologetics presence from HAAM, at least in Winnipeg.

I'll attach a link to the file down below for yourself and anyone else you know who might still be interested in that bizarre affair. While it certainly isn't an example of a great exchange of ideas on a philosophical level, I do think it serves nicely as a lesson in how apologists, at least at the local level, can deal with militant atheists or atheist groups who resort to unusually aggressive tactics.

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